Melaleuca Station

Melaleuca Station is located 200 km east of Darwin on the western border of the world heritage listed Kakadu National Park. Comprising some 45,000 hectares, Melaleuca Station is used for finishing cattle bred from Dry River Station south of Katherine, and also some buffalo.

A spectacular mosaic of floodplains, paperbark swamps, woodland and rainforest, the area includes much of the Mary River floodplain and a series of fresh and saltwater billabongs and channels that are 

home to the world's largest concentration of saltwater crocodiles. The wildlife reserve is also an important breeding ground for barramundi and an astonishing array of bird species. Mimosa pigra weed poses a significant threat to large areas of the Territory's wetland ecosystem and requires continuous and intensive management at Melaleuca Station. Our teams consult with the Northern Territory government's Working Group to aid in the preservation of this extraordinary natural environment.